5 instant productivity boosters and a big, fat secret

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5 instant productivity boosters and a big, fat secret

By reading this article, you hereby accept the following terms and guidelines: the productivity boosters contained find herein will be of no value to you whatsoever. Unless you make them be.


  1. Close your e-mail client. So you won’t be tempted to work on other people’s priorities.


  2. Set your phone to silent. So you won’t be interrupted, but remain available in case of emergency.


  3. Switch off your colleagues. If you can’t find the off switch, put on some headphones or go find a quiet place.


  4. Shut down your Internet connection. So you won’t be distracted.


  5. Do something important and difficult. So what comes next will feel like true progress, and easier.


Of course, you likely knew this already – I just put it into words for you, or at the very least reminded you of it. In fact, these tips are next to useless – albeit concisely written and to the point, if I may say so myself.


I promised you a secret, though, and here it is: you, along with most everyone else reading this list, will agree with its logic – and then fail utterly to implement its advice, just as I myself suffer intermittent lapses in judgement.


Unless, that is, you can locate the hidden switch in your mind.


As you’re well aware, there’s a clear difference between reading and doing – or between watching and partaking, if you will. Exactly where that difference lies, however, varies from individual to individual.


In my case, it resides within a memory frozen in time from an early summer’s day at the age of 17, scrambling down a pier at full throttle towards a lunge that would land me in water nowhere near warm enough for comfort – all to impress a girl.


Every time I need to do something difficult, I reach for that memory and the feeling contained within of reaching outside my comfort zone in hopes of making an impact. When I push past that threshold, I know I’m headed in the right direction.


I got the girl, by the way.


Will you get yours?