My name is Jørgen Sundgot, and as your resident writer and host I’d like to wish you a warm welcome to The Simplicity Post.

The site

Here at the Post, you’ll find me blogging about two of my key interests in life: simplicity and productivity, as viewed from both personal and professional perspectives and intended to serve as tools for those who wish to apply them.

The who

Over the course of the past fifteen years, I’ve been fortunate enough to hold a wide variety of positions within three companies, two of which I helped found. I’ve worked  as everything from a bus boy through entrepreneur, graphics designer, sales agent, key account manager, recruiter and served as member and chairman of boards.

It’s been a rewarding series of high-intensity experiences, yet not without hard-won lessons. Such a lifestyle usually brings with it two options: keel over, or learn how to carve simplicity from complexity in order to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Thankfully, hard work allowed me to progress to the latter alternative, and I now spend time coaching and mentoring people in how to build lives which hold more of what they want in them – or how to work smarter and live better.

As a ferocious learner, the Post is an opportunity to not only share what knowledge and experience I’ve acquired thus far, but also discuss these matters with those similarly inclined and perhaps broaden horizons – not least of which my own.

Last, but not least, I’m also fortunate enough to live in a small, rural town with two lovely girls aged 5 and 8, as well as spouse to their fantastic mother – all of whom, in a very loving manner, inject daily doses of joy and frustration into my life.

The goal

I have but one, simple goal in life: that of waking up each morning with a smile, looking forward to another day spent in a virtuous cycle of building a life with more of what I want in it. I’d also like nothing more than to contribute to others having the same experience.

The tribe

I would be honoured and obliged if you, dear reader, could find the time to add any insight and perspective you may have to offer through commenting on posts – and if there is a particular topic you would like to suggest brought to light, feel free to get in touch with me; jorgen at this domain will do the trick.

For now, enjoy your time here, and if you find value in what you read, feel free to subscribe in any which way that doesn’t clutter your digital life.

Yours truly,

Jørgen Sundgot