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Silence your smartphone, gain a daydream

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Would it surprise you to learn that, on average, we check our smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up? I picked this snippet up from a newspaper article a few days ago, and count it among a number of statistics that confirm the perhaps obvious extent to which information permeates our lives – and the lure it presents.

4 ways to set yourself up for a productive day

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We’ve all been there: suddenly, you glance at the clock and discover you’ve spent the first hour or two of your day doing… everything but that which you ought to have done. A little cunning and a smidge of willpower, however, can help ensure this happens as rarely as possible: here are four practical suggestions on how to go about it.

To conquer your todo list, adhere by your to-be list

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So, you have your to-dos neatly organized into hierarchies replete with contexts, flags, due dates, reminders and God only knows what else. Yet, somehow, it feels as if though the vast improvements you were expecting have eluded you. More likely than not, this stems from not paying an appropriate amount of attention to your to-be list.