Credit is for giving, not for taking

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Credit is for giving, not for taking

Credit. We all want it. Many of us get it. Some deservedly so, others decidedly less so. And too many take it undeservedly at the expense of others. If you’ve ever been on the wrong end of that particular stick, I guarantee you’ll feel better after reading this.


What happens if you assume credit where it is not yours to assume?


A capable leader will at the very least bench you. Collaborators will lose respect for you. Peers will shy away from working with you. Subordinates will lose their motivation.


What happens if you give credit where credit is due?


A capable leader will offer you new challenges. Collaborators will make you look good in turn. Peers will be attracted to working with you. Subordinates will go the extra mile.


The best part? Those you give credit to will watch your back from those who try to take away from your achievements.


It’s a pretty simple choice, isn’t it?