Defocus: Famous logos hilariously revealed

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Defocus: Famous logos hilariously revealed

Famous logos are all around us, and the brands behind them spend ridiculous sums in order to create an emotional connection with the public promoting a very specific set of values. What would happen, though, if said logos suddenly took on the true nature of the brand behind them? That’s right: hilarity ensues.


Designer Viktor Hertz out of Uppsala, Sweden, has done something very clever indeed. In a world where we’re surrounded by brands which at times seem more concerned with keeping up appearances, he has – with a tad of illustrative magic and some creativity – pulled back the veil to reveal the truth in a manner that’s guaranteed to make you chuckle.


The Facebook logo above is just one example of many; the full gamut can be found over at Designer’s Couch, and contains something for just about anyone’s taste. As the illustrator points out, your mileage may vary – but at the very least, you have to admire the creativity.


My personal favourite? The Facebook one. Bravo, Viktor.