Defocus: Wherein man takes flight with wings of his own

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For milennia, man dreamt of growing wings – figuratively, as well as literally. Come 2012, dutch engineer Jarno Smeets succeeds in reverse engineering the principles upon which birds take flight, and creates a strap-on harness which lets him take flight under his own power.



It’s an amazing sight to behold, and for someone primarily occupied with the figurative parallel of human flight, it’s inspiring to see accomplished – thanks to ingenuity and perseverance – what has eluded the capabilities of man for several thousand years.


For a rundown of the project and the construction of the wings themselves, Gizmodo has you covered.


Update 04/04/2012: Hoo boy, did I get had on this one. Fortunately for my self esteem, it took near a dozen experts from Industrial Light & Magic to concur that the movie in regard is the brainchild of Dutch CGI artist Floris Kaayk.


Obviously, there are two way to handle the reaction to this: negatively, or positively. My choice? To be amazed at the level of ingenuity with which the hoax was executed; after all, you don’t get to fool large parts of the Internet without quality in execution.


Bravo, Floris – but next time, feel free to pick something I wouldn’t have loved to do :).