It takes courage to continue

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It takes courage to continue

They say starting is easy – or hard, depending on whom you ask – while finishing is inherently difficult. How come, I wonder, that so few talk of what lies between? Starting and finishing is all good and well, but it’s the middle ground that makes or breaks you.


We all go through life starting things. Mud pies. Kindergarten. School. Adulthood. Relationships. Careers. Families. By following the beaten path, however, it takes at least until adolescense for most of us to find ourselves bereft of a system in where other people – parents and teachers, namely – to a great extent manage our lives and keep us plodding along.


Small wonder, then, that so many seem to be struggling with the act of continuing when things start to get difficult and there’s no support system around. Starting is a matter of having a passion – or at least a strong interest, but few few have truly practiced hard to obtain the required skills to continue. And, as it might be prudent to underline, continuing precedes finishing.


Consider this: how much respect do you hold for someone who finishes everything they start versus a serial starter that abandons things mid-way? A black-or-white perspective usually serves one poorly, but the only time the latter should be accepted is if it’s a necessary part of a creative process – and if noone else is left to clean up the mess that an abandonment leaves behind.


In all other matters, however, continuing is vital. It’s what you do when you face challenges, difficulties and obstacles. It’s what you do after yet another restless night. It’s what you do after questioning yourself for the umpteenth time as to whether you really can make it to finish. It is, in short, the place where hard work lives.


If you can continue, finishing will be easy by comparison.