Simpleware: Simple ShirtShuttle keeps shirts wrinkle-safe on the go

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Simple ShirtShuttle keeps shirts wrinkle-safe on the go

That nobody has (apparently) thought of this before is akin to a small miracle, but the simple, little nugget that is the ShirtShuttle appears to finally rid road warriors of their life-long nemesis: the Wrinkled Shirt from Hades.

Consisting of two parts, the ShirtShuttle from Commuter Technologies is a little gem of engineering that applies only two parts in order to dramatically reduce the odds of showing up at an important meeting looking as if though you’ve spent the night on a park bench: a folding board, complete with integrated hanger clip, and a rigid, water-resistant case.


As the video above demonstrates, packing a shirt entails wrapping one around the folding board, which has curved edges to minimize creasing. Once the first step is complete, the shirt is stowed inside the aforementioned case, which also happens to be fitted with grip pads inside that apply pressure to keep the shirt from sliding around inside the case – further increasing odds that your shirt keeps that fresh-ironed look.


Topping matters off is a recessed carrying handle for… well, easier handling. All in all, the ShirtShuttle it seems a perfect solution to the Gordian Knot that is how to bring a shirt along in a duffel bag for overnight stays.


At £30 GBP, or just below $50 USD, it’s perhaps a little steep – but then again, who can put a price tag on simplicity (and good looks)?