Simpleware: The baby-saving Infant Warmer

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In underdeveloped or poor countries, incubators are few and far between due not only to the cost of acquisition but also the maintenance aspect. That’s why a cheap, yet ingenious heating pouch for newborns could prove a literal lifesaver.


Simpleware: The baby-saving Infant Warmer

As the makers of the Embrace Infant Warmer state, it does indeed look like a miniature sleeping bag at first glance – yet, at a cost under 1% of that of a traditional incubator, it holds the potential to save newborns in large areas of the wolrld which do not yet have access to modern medical technology.


Its principle is simple; heat a wax pouch by means of the included electric heater or hot water, and place this in the sleeping bag warmer along with the baby. The combination is able to hold a temperature of 35-37 degrees Celsius for at least four hours, and the phase-change nature of the wax pouch releases or absorbs heat dependent on the temperature of the infant inside.


It may not be a perfect solution as compared to the alternatives to our disposal in the Western world – but most certainly qualifies as simpleware in the sense that it not only is simple in use and improves upon lives; it literallty saves them.