Simpleware: The holy trinity of USB cables

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Innergie Magic Cable Trio

If you’re anything like me, cursing the inability of consumer electronics manufacturers to standardize connectivity options is one of your favourite pastimes. I like things to be simple, and now – courtesy of Innergie, it appears my USB meltdown days are coming to an end.


Dubbed the Magic Cable Trio, this little 20 cm gem of a cable offers a standard-sized USB plug on one end and a microUSB plug on the other – which is a rather underwhelming feat. Magic, however, arrives in the shape of three included converters which are daisy-chained to provide mini USB and proprietary Apple connectors.


Granted, separate converters will do the job, but the Magic Cable Trio’s offers an anti-decoupling design in a small, aesthetic package that should reduce the likelihood of accidentally losing parts of the chain. And, at $19.99 USD, it’s hardly expensive.