Simpleware: The iPhone’s really dumb cousin

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If you’re fighting a serious bout of distractionitis, there is nothing worse than an always-connected, always-available phone. As long as yours is of the more recent variety, there’s a good chance you will succumb to its siren song of a quick Facebook check, or the occasional game, or catching up on your feeds, or… well, the list goes on.

I’ve written previously about reintroducing inertia as a means to separating work and life, and as luck would have it, I just stumbled across the perfect solution to the part of the equation that involves disconnecting ones phone. It’s called John’s Phone.


As is evident, it shares many of the traits of its smarter cousin, the iPhone, with good industrial design and ease of use being among the first and foremost. In fact, it also reminds me a little bit of the very first phone I owned 17 years ago, which was an Ericsson GA318 – although the GA318 was more advanced as it supported text messaging.

Intriguing as John’s Phone may be, however, I posit very few among us will be lured by the concept of evolutionary regression in the phone department. I’ll be the first to admit that regardless of my fondness for simplicity, I want to be able to choose my level of disconnection consciously; and yet, I can’t help but dwell on the prospect of how it would affect my day.