Simpleware: The pinless noticeboard

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Anything that removes unnecessary steps from a process is likely to hold a special place in my heart – and I just stumbled across a perfect example. It’s Stix, the pinless noticeboard – a participant in the recent James Dyson Awards, which, although it reached the semifinals as judged by the Dyson Engineers, didn’t quite make it to the top.


Now, I do not in any way intend to subtract from the well-deserved honour bestowed upon the winning contribution, but I’m willing to bet that a pinless noticeboard would elicit quite a few oohs and aahs in offices around the world.




Briefly put, the Stix works to eliminate pins, staples and other creative methods of making something stick to a surface through the application of an electrostatic charge. To make an object stick, a user simply rubs it onto the surface of the notice board – much like the old rub-a-balloon-on-your-head-and-stick-it-to-the-roof trick.


On a side note, I’m gleefully amused at how such a simple object as the noticeboard has – courtesy of its infinitely simple user interface – managed to remain relevant despite the long since proclaimed arrival of the paperless office.


Simple, as always, is good.