Stop. Pick. Do.

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Stop. Pick. Do.

Who knows better than you what you ought – no, have to do right now? That’s right – nobody does. Except, perhaps, for your spouse. And the reason you’re not doing it is that you haven’t promised yourself.


Stop what you’re doing. Everything. Stop it.


Be quiet for 2 minutes. What leaps to the front of your mind that needs doing? Pick the one thing that feels most important – no analyzing. Now get rid of all possible distractions, and have the following monologue with yourself:


“I promise to do this because my gut tells me this is on the top of my list of priorities from the things I can choose among right here and now.”


“Unless something literally explodes in my general vicinity, I refuse to be distracted – and will tell anyone whom approaches that I can’t be disturbed right now.”


“Every 25 minutes, I’ll take a 5-minute break – during which I will do absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nothing.”


“I will finish in one, consecutive run.”


“I will then congratulate my own, marvellous self.”


It’s as simple as that.


Go ahead, try it. See if it works for you. The worst that can happen is that you pick the second best thing to cross of your list, reacquaint with your willpower – and find out which steps of the process you need to tune.


If you need something to remove the need for you to keep track of time, try Magic Work Cycle.


Repeat at will(power).