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Do you suffer from binge meeting disorder?

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Picture this: it’s monday morning, and you need to schedule an urgent meeting with James. A few mouse clicks and a fist pump (optional) later, you have successfully laid claim to an hour in James’ half-empty smorgasbord of a calendar. Meanwhile over at his desk, brows knitted and shoulders raised, James is fretting to fit two other meetings into his schedule with rising concern for what his week will end up looking like – yet somehow ends up accepting your meeting request.

4 ways to set yourself up for a productive day

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We’ve all been there: suddenly, you glance at the clock and discover you’ve spent the first hour or two of your day doing… everything but that which you ought to have done. A little cunning and a smidge of willpower, however, can help ensure this happens as rarely as possible: here are four practical suggestions on how to go about it.