The fastest way to beat everyday stress

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The fastest way to beat stress

For every day that goes by, there are a thousand little pockets of stress just waiting to explode when you least expect them to. The key to negating their ill effects is simple awareness – and a little bit of modern technology goes a long way.


Do the following:

  • Buy a strapless pulse watch which alerts you by vibration at different pulse thresholds
  • Wear it for two days to become aware of your average pulse and your normal response pattern
  • Configure a single alert for 20% more than your estimated non-stress pulse based based on your two days
  • When – not if – the alert goes off, stop; then breathe deeply and calmly for a minute
  • Do this for two days, then adjust the alert either way to suit your preferences
  • Don’t cheat on the breathing, regardless of how stressed you may be


Granted, this method won’t give you anything less to do, but it will alert you when you’re overtaxing your depletable bodily resources; enhance the speed and quality of your work as it helps you lower your cortisone levels; and – if you are convinced as to your own invincibility – quite possibly be the repeated smack to the back of your head which prevents a meltdown. Or a heart attack.


Best of all? It’s dead simple, and you’ll look sporty to boot.