The simplest, hardest way to save time

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The simplest, hardest way to save time

Some times, it’s as if though time itself crumbles to dust around us and reduces us to small, quivering balls of stress. Whether at the behest of others or by our own doing, we frequently run out of time – and the fix is as simple as it is hard.


It’s simple


Time, as we all know is finite. Much like a cardboard box, you can only place so much within before it comes apart at its seams, spilling all the contents in a disarray. It stands to reason, then, that you must either work faster; more efficiently; or less.


It’s hard


Alas, there are limits to how efficient you can be. A person bereft of time is likely to already have optimized their workflow to a degree where little room for improvement remains, and filling every nook and cranny of time with work will soon cause life to lose its luster.


The most viable option, therefore, is to do less.


It’s simple, and hard


Much to our general dismay, we are bound by a variety of limits – even though no aspect of society seems to concern itself with this very real aspect of our existence.


Immersed as we are in a society that focuses on ‘more’, ‘less’ has become equated with loss. But what if that wasn’t the case? What if, in fact, the opposite held true?


What if opting for a lesser car, a smaller house and fewer clothes meant you actually gained something?


A stress-free day? Fewer worries? Room for a hobby? More time to be content – or happy, even?




All you have to do is choose.


It’s that simple, and that hard.