Your productivity lacks laurels

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Your productivity lacks laurels

Some times, productivity feels like operating an electronic cash register equipped with a bar code scanner. Task done. Beep. Done. Beeeeep. And again. BEEP. If you’ve ever felt like this, here’s why – and how to feel better.


As evidenced by the few thousand or so task managers currently on offer to the general public, productivity is all the rage these days. We have to get things done – in a big way, apparently. Write it down, chalk it up, cross it off and move on to the next one.


If you’re like me, you probably have a system to manage your tasks… and it’s very likely focused on what you’re going to do next. Which, in and of itself, is fantastic. For me, this among other things saves me the time of finding out – well, what’s next – every time I complete something, and it lets me see how much work remains.


This is how productivity frequently looks for someone who’s trying to be productive: a neatly organized list which keeps things moving along. With luck, the list has been prioritized so as to be in accordance with well-contemplated short- and long-term goals.


What’s odd, though, is the fervent focus on what’s next.


Laurels? Laurels, anyone?


Through focusing continuously on what’s next, there’s a danger of missing what’s now. Let’s attempt an illuminating question together: have you ever come across a productivity system – task manager or not – that places a proper emphasis on celebrating what you’ve gotten done?


Neither have I.


The thing is, we’re more than the sum of what we are about to do. We are also more than the sum of what we have achieved. Yet, both are important; one builds upon the other, and without taking time to rest on our laurels and pat ourselves on the back – if but for a golden moment – we risk becoming a cog in our own machine.


So, dear task manager maker-wizards, I’d like to make a small request. Rather than a roundabout way of finding out just what I checked off my list today, I’d like you to break up the routine a little bit and surprise me.


A couple of times each day, one of which should preferably be near the end of my defined work hours, delight me with a sudden display – a scoreboard, if you will – of my completed tasks. Make it look nice, throw in a little fireworks every now and then, and court me. Make me give you that doe-eyed look all over again, as I would give my girlfriend when she swoons over how much I’ve done around the house.


Put the laurels back in productivity, and watch as your user base doubles. Trust me on this.


We all like us some laurels every now and again.